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New Improved Design For Better Performance, In A More Attrative Packaging.

The YOKOHAMA 3G Maintenance-Free Calcium Calcium battery is a new product with improved features, design and packaging. It promises excellent performance especially for vehicles in hot climates like that in Malaysia. It incorporates proven features of Flat Top batteries which reduce acid splash, explosion and maintenance.

The Lead Calcium technology will help to improve the product further as it produces less gassing, less self-discharge, hence less water consumption.

From stringent field tests, the batteries hardly require any top up and is very suitable for tropical climates of Malaysia. Currently, all maintenance free batteries which are available locally are mainly imported from temperate countries.

What makes the YOKOHAMA 3G MF Calcium Calcium batteries special is its magic eye which indicates the condition of battery. With this feature, the magic eye offers a clearer picture on the battery cell thus offering vehicle owners more confidence. At the same time, the heavy duty plates on the batteries are designed to minimise damage due to heat. Hence, it is very suitable for hot tropical climate use!

The added advantages of using lead-calcium battery is the minimisation of water loss, its ability to reduce self-discharge and also increase storage time, i.e. at 25°C. The YOKOHAMA 3G MF Calcium Calcium batteries come with a handle for easy handling and are packed into attractively designed carton boxes.

With YOKOHAMA 3G MF Calcium Calcium batteries, you will get a host of benefits and innovative features which other conventional batteries do not offer. You will also get better value for money through savings on battery water, reduced battery checks, no bonnet damage and most important of all, less HASSLE!

All YOKOHAMA 3G MF Calcium Calcium batteries come with a one (1) year warranty for all passenger cars (petrol-powered) against manufacturing defects and are easily available at more than 6,500 YOKOHAMA dealers nationwide.

Experience the difference........with TK YOKOHAMA 3G MF CALCIUM CALCIUM BATTERY!


  • Magic eye clearly indicate battery condition
  • Built-in flame arrestor
  • Safety flat top design with non-acid splash feature
  • Higher durability