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The Yokohama Flat Top Battery. The Battery for the Millennium. Featuring a flat profile top with the unique Electrolyte Recovery System and Safety Non-Splash Advantage. Modern innovations that have received UK Design Registration Certificates*! To make it the top-most AutoBattery in the region and what's more, it's available now!

Introducing the easy-to-clean, safety incorporated and flush-fit top that's going to change the look of power packs in the region. Just compare it to yesterday's look! It's so innovative that UK Design Certificates have been awarded for its features.

Yokohama's special Flat Top is designed to virtually eliminate frequent topping-ups. A series of ingeniously devised channels and compartments transform and recycle otherwise lost electrolyte gas back into liquid, to keep the electrolyte level constant, and all this happens inside the battery!

Consumer and installer safety is totally enhanced with this new innovative feature, making battery handling and installation much more safer, greatly reducing the chances of acid spills, spewing, burns and injuries.

When electrolyte gas is recycled within the battery itself, the environment is conserved. Furthermore, Yokohama AutoBatteries are 95% recyclable and we have our own unique reclamation facility to help keep Earth green! Also featured are built-in Flame Arrestors to eliminate dangers from accidental sparking and minor combustions.


  • Newest Safety Flat Top Design
    Clean, modern flat too profile delivers extra safety through Non-Splash feature that minimises acid spray, spill and fumes.
  • Latest Reverse Ratio Formula Plates
    Ultimately proven and tropicalised, this innovation delivers better current capacity, higher amperage and prolongs component life.
  • New Electrolyte Recovery System
    Ingenious channels and chambers efficiently condenses gases back to liquid to ensure constant electrolyte levels, eliminating frequent topping-ups.
  • Plus Fuel & Engine Saver
    With a higher reserve capacity, there is less alternator drag on the engine bringing about better fuel economy and reduced engine wear.
  • 95% Recyclable
    To help keep the earth clean and green, YOKOHAMA™ Batteries are environment friendly. Use withconfidence as we're nearly 100% recyclable!