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With Active CornerGrip Technology

Ultra High Performance standards aren't all about symmetry. In fact, it's quite the contrary. No two corners are the same and neither is Goodyear's approach to the new Eagle F1 design. As cars become heavier and more powerful, new challenges are always arising high speed driving. It took innovative thinking to develop a tyre that reflects this changing market. Our new Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyre proves exactly that.

Active CornerGrip Technology

The Eagle F1 Asymmetric sets new Ultra High Performance Handling Standards with its unique Active CornerGrip Technology. An aramid layer in the inner sidewall reinforces the compression during cornering for a more even distribution of pressure across the contact patch, which consequently provides more grip.

The Active CornerGrip Technology reinforces the inside tyre wall and limites the tendency of such extreme drifting forces towards the outside of the tyre. The centre of gravity is brought back towards the centre of the tread which provides more grip on the inside of the tyre.

The footprint of the Eagle F1 Asymmetric is far less triangular than the predecessor's tread footprint, which means the new Eagle F1 has more road contact across the entire width of the tyre tread and consequently produces far more grip through the corners.

When cornering, the car's weight distribution tends to move to the shoulder - grip on the outside of the tread increases while grip on the inner tire dramatically decreases.

The Eagle F1 Asymmetric was developed with the objective of increasing the tire to road contact area by distributing more even pressure across the width of the tread patch.

Racing Compound Technology

Based on market research, safety in the wet has been identified as one of the highest consumer concerns. This is where the new Goodyear Eagle F1 excels with the innovative combination of the Active CornerGrip Technology and racing-inpired tread compound.

The properties of the tread compound decisively influence the grip of the tyre to the road. Silica is combined with a special racing carbon black for ultimate performance. The combination of new generation polymers is optimized for maximum grip and safety in wet conditions.

Pitching Sequence

In addition to a high level of safety and outstanding handling, customers also demand a tyre that offers a quiet ride. The new Eagle F1 Asymmetric is a silent tyre that gives exceptional driving comfort.

Tread design is the secret to ensuring a quiet ride. The different tread block sizes and the staggered tread block arrangement result in audible reduction of the noise frequency peaks when the tread blocks meet the road. This reduces the overall noise emission and allows silent driving comfort.

Worldwide Magazine Test Wins

World wide tyre tests can vary greatly in terms of the creteria they use, the qualities they attempt to identify and the categories they focus on, but one thing remains the same - the supremacy of Goodyear tyres around the globe. Worldwide magazine test wins have testified Goodyear's performance and safety leadership.